Seville, Spain. September 18-20, 2015.


To whom it was addressed

This project was intended to address to all sign language interpreters, mediators and leaders of the Deaf Community, within our Seventh-day Adventist Church.



This project was developed with the intention of promoting the integration of our International Sign Language within the Adventist Church and remember to reach them out.
Many interpreters feel tired, depressed or exhausted by their work and we should seek a positive balance that benefits the professionalism of the performance, the quality and our commitment to God.
There are Deaf people all around the world and we should do our best to share with them the word of God. But remembering that the Interpreter is the Bridge to access such communication, as Christians we must go further. We must be a reference to them in order that in a next future they can preach the gospel without the need of an interpreter. That they may see in us a role model. We must reflect Jesus in our behavior, His love, His approach, His example and His words.


  1. To assess personally the spiritual level of the profession of ISL (International Sign Language).

  2. To learn and remember the ethical code of an ISL.

  3. To analyze the concepts of Deaf Community and evangelism.

  4. To learn the system of international signs language.

  5. To develop outreach ministry in own countries.

  6. To inform how to help Deaf people to raise money for the Congress of the Deaf M. 2016.

  7. To explain the dynamics of the 2016 Deaf Congress.

  8. To instruct the team for the 2016 Deaf Congress.

  9. Know how to analyze and evaluate the physical, mental and emotional health of an ISL.

  10. To know and create friendships and partnerships.


The EUD and the UAE would like to gather all professionals interpreters of the LS, to form, share and support the work we are doing since more o less time, but equally relevant. Above all, we must be clear concerning some points of what we will do in this meeting:

1) Recall that we truly love Jesus and be committed to Him.

2) We will analyze the reasons for why we are doing this work, to whom we address it and especially for whom we are working.
During our life, parents, teachers and leaders teach us to be better people, with principles, trying to do our best for the good of all and that we all will benefit.
But we should ask ourselves this question: If our father, master and Lord is God, don’t you think we should not be satisfied with giving a part of our time, but to give the best of what we have, with the best quality we can, but with humility, so that we all receive benefits?
This work is not some kind of occupational, educational or social work. The ultimate goal is not only to provide a service of translation or interpretation, but a true ministry. Dedicate your heart and then God will use your hands.
In the book: A Guide for the Ministry of the Deaf, De Ann Sampley wrote something interesting: “A servant’s heart is required to work with Deaf people.”

Christians need interpreters to help Deaf people spiritually, the number one priority is to explain, interpret and provide full understanding of the Word of God. Remember, your opinions are meaningless. It is the Word of God that changes people.
Give your heart, your mind and your hands to God so that He can use them. Pray asking God’s help and you will find that God will guide your hands. God will use you especially if you are committed to Him.

3) The meeting will show you that you are not alone in this ministry, there are many people like you, with wonderful gifts and other that are not using theirs, yet. All together we’ll learn to work in team, if we fall down and we’ll rise up together, because after all we are a team with the same goals: “that the word of God may be shared with Deaf people”.
We will teach you how to develop your talents, how to look after your health in your ministry and how interpret according the system of International Signs Language and finally, we will implement in the practice, all together, what we learn during the Deaf World Congress that will take place in Spain, in May 2016. You cannot miss it, because we are a team in Christ our Father, Master and Leader.